The Backroom
You know we exist, but how do you get in?

Speakeasy Cocktailbar

One of the few secret cocktail bars located in Amsterdam. The atmosphere of the bar is warm and nostalgic due to the old renovated garage in which it is located. Once you step inside the backroom you will have one unforgettable experience. 

Upcoming events

Tea and exotic spices 23 September 2016

Exotic spices and tea kinds will be combined for pure natural flavors. You can also bring your own tea during this edition for a unique cocktail with your own twist.

Price list

  • 3 Course menu                                                    € 30 You can choose three cocktails from a selection of 20 unique cocktails. 
  • 5 Course menu                                                    € 45 You can choose five cocktails from a selection of 20 unique cocktails.                                        
  • Individual cocktails                                                       The price of individual cocktails varies between 10 and 18 euro

*To be announced*           21 October 2016